Ron Cayo Grande Club, Beveland, Spain

Ron Miel – Honey Rum

honey Rum

Ron Miel – Honey Rum

20% abv | 6x700ml

The Ever popular Honey Rum from Spain.  Soft luscious and perfect after a meal of whenever you fancy it.

Cayo Grande Blanco –
White Rum

Cayo Grande Blanco Reserva 70cl

Blanco Reserva

37.5% abv | 6x700ml

White rum with a fresh and delicate aroma, a slight sweetness is found on the palate as well as a slight taste of aged spirit due to six months ageing in oak vats.  Recommended for cocktails.

Cayo Grande Oro – Aged Rum

Cayo Grande Añejo Reserva 70cl

Anejo Reserva

37.5% abv | 6x700ml

Ron Cayo Grande Club is distilled from the best sugar came and has a characteristic delicate aroma and pleasant flavour.  It can be taken straight up or with your favourite accompaniment.

Cayo Grande Spiced Rum

Cayo Grande Spiced 70cl

Spiced Rum

35% abv | 6x700ml

A blend of golden rum, natural flavours and mellow spices that is guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling.  Smooth to drink but nice mixed as well.