On 15th September 1923, the Mexicali Brewery opened its doors and quickly became one of the biggest and solid industrial facilities in the NW region of the Republic.  The key success to any brewery is its brew master.  The brewery owner Migel Gonzalez had the good fortune to work with Adolf Bindher who imparted great knowledge and made the brews what they are today.  Mr Bindher’s son now carries on his tradition and inherited the formulas.  Now brewed in Tecate, Mexicali Brewery brew Mexicali beers, Red Pig Mexican Ale, Chili Beer and the Day of the Dead beer range.


5.0% abv | 24x330ml

Original formula is bright deep golden yellow in colour.  The aroma is of sweet malt, highly floral and hoppy.  The flavour reflects in hop bitterness, slightly sweet and just a perfect balance of two row barley malt, Chinook, Mt.Hood and Peerless hops that culminate to a very clean and semi – dry finish.


Mexicali Dark

5.0% abv | 24x330ml

What a beauty!  The colour is bright, clear and dark brown.  The aroma is lightly sweet, pleasant toasted malt, with a slight coffee background.  The flavour is a wonderful balance of roasted malt and a bit of sweetness, nice bitterness from the hops.  This medium bodied dark beer has great carbonation and finishes with strength.


Red Pig Mexican Ale

5.0% abv | 24x355ml

Winner of a Silver medal at the 2012 International beer Challenge, this excellent craft brew is bright deep red copper in colour and very aromatic.  Intensely floral, hoppy, lightly sweet and malty.  This full bodied ale offers a very pleasant high bitterness with smooth sweet malt character, creamy head with good carbonation and with an excellent bitter sweet finish.


Chili Beer

4.2% abv | 24x330ml

Cave Creek in the Arizona desert being the desolate place that it is with excruciating heat means beer is pretty important so in 1989 Crazy Ed Chilleen started brewing his own beer. The whole town was suspicious especially when the whole brewery arrived in crates together with a German named Arnold. But after the first batch was brewed people started to come around to the idea. The beer was so good city folk started to come in from all around to try it. Ed new something had to be done to protect their precious beer, so whenever someone whined for a wedge of lime, Ed tossed in a hot Serrano chilli pepper instead, thus Chili Beer was born. Now brewed at the Mexicali brewery to the same recipe. Very hot and Cold and the same time so is sensually mind blowing.

Day of the Dead Beers

Day of the dead whole range white back

4.2% abv | 24x330ml

This range consists of 8 different craft brews in the standard range and seasonal brews added through the year.  The Range includes Pale Ale, Blond Ale, Amber Ale, Hefeweizen, Porter, IPA, Double IPA and a Chocolate Stout.  These beers have seen great success within the Mexicali family.  For 3000 years the Aztecs honoured the unique character of the deceased individuals in an annual celebration. Ceremonies included using parts of the skeleton, most commonly the skull, relatives placed native marigolds in the eye sockets to reflect the life that once was.  Today the festive holiday is a celebration of life.  Day of the dead beers are made to celebrate life and honour the traditions of this great holiday.