Hercules Beers were first created in 2011 and named after our founding father Richard Hercules. As a family run business the Hercules beers will live on with generations to come. We have worked together with Brew Master Peter Scholey and the talented brewers at the award winning brewery Hepworth in Horsham to create our first beer Hercules Premium Lager. This lager filled a large gap in the market for an English Premium Lager. Owing to it success we have aspirations to continue with the brand and create other beers as part of a range.

Hercules Premium Lager

5.0% | 24x330ml

Hercules Premium Lager is craft brewed in small batches by master brewers. Every pound of malt, every whole hop is weighed out and added by hand. Brewed using a Swiss strain of yeast called Hurlingham and the innovative Sovereign hop gives Hercules its unique taste. It is brewed slower than mass produced lagers so the yeast can work in harmony to remove the harshness that fast beers can retain. The result is a distinctive sparkling lager with a delicate citrus nose. ‘Strong, Smooth, Crafted – it’s game over for mass produced beers’.