Cerveceria Bucanero is based in Holguin on the east side of the island where the best quality water in cuba can be found. The brewery was built in the late 80’s using German technology. The passion and energy that CBSA puts into its world class beers has been recognised internationally winning awards at prestigious competitions such as Europe’s Monde-Selection.

Palma Cristal

4.9% abv | 24x330ml

The crisp, clean taste of Cristal has historically dominated the Cuban beer market. It is easy to see why. This beer is the perfect beer for a hot sunny day, but when the sun goes down and the Latin music fills the air a different kind of heat comes into play. With 4.9% abv Cristal has a beautiful pale golden hue to compliment its refreshing taste. Brewed with top quality malt and crystal clear Cuban water. Cristal has a light hop taste that refreshes and revitalizes.



5.4% abv | 24x350ml

Known as Bucanero in Cuba gets it’s name from old legend Pirates that roamed the Caribbean seas. Strong and full–flavoured, Cubanero Fuerte is made from the most natural and freshest ingredients. With superior malt it is blended with just a touch of Cuba’s finest sugars. At 5.4% abv a deeper amber colour and a refreshing taste makes Cubanero Fuerte a remarkable 100% original Cuban beer.